We Are the ONLY Family Law Firm in Virginia Representing Men Only!

For over a decade, The Firm For Men has been representing men exclusively in family law matters, taking a firm stand on men’s and father’s rights and advocating for those who are traditionally disadvantaged in the court system. We are the ONLY family law firm in the entire state of Virginia who have not and will not represent a woman in family court! Our father’s rights and divorce attorneys are skilled in representing you from the unique viewpoint of a man, serving as advisors and advocates before, during, and after your divorce or family law matter.
The Firm For Men is locally owned and operated in Virginia Beach, Virginia, giving us the honor of representing the rights of hundreds of men and fathers in Hampton Roads! Call us at (757) 383-9184 to discover how we can help you.

Men’s Rights Attorneys

If you’re seeking men’s rights attorneys focused on defending and advocating for men’s and father’s rights, The Firm For Men is your go-to law firm. The Firm For Men is a family law firm working exclusively to protect men’s rights. It’s critical to seek the services of family and divorce lawyers that fully understand you and the legal challenges you’re going through. If you need legal advice from a family attorney Virginia Beach trusts, simply dial (757) 383-9184 or complete the form to your right. We’re ready to fight for you.

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The Ultimate Men's Divorce Guide

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As divorce lawyers for men, we know that protecting yourself with the information you need to prepare for and go through a divorce is essential to achieving favorable results. Start arming yourself today by downloading our 30-page men’s divorce eBook, The Ultimate Men’s Divorce Guide by Jason Swango of The Firm for Men, the only family lawyers in Virginia representing men only. Learn about jurisdiction and residency; options in separation and divorce; custody, visitation, and support; and even the nuances of a military divorce.

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Our society has fought so hard for women’s rights that the justice system began giving women the upper hand in most legal actions. When it comes to family law and domestic disputes, men are always disadvantaged. That’s why The Firm For Men was founded over a decade ago. The Firm works tirelessly to leverage men’s rights and to create a level playing field for both genders within the legal system.

The Firm For Men is a Virginia Beach family law firm composed of men’s rights lawyers who defend men exclusively. The reason why we focus solely on men’s rights in personal and legal matters is because we believe that it’s morally upright to choose a side to defend and defend that side wholeheartedly. Whether you’re seeking a separation and divorce lawyer for men or need advice about child custody, support, or visitation, we can help.

In the modern era of countless exclusively women law firms, The Firm For Men presents the most reliable counterpart. We focus on giving men full defense within the precincts of the law. Our men's family law attorneys, based in Virginia Beach, work consistently to level the playing field so that men’s rights aren’t infringed upon through draconian and biased interpretation and implementation of the law.

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“We have never represented a woman in any divorce/custody law matter and we never will!”

– Jason Swango

Exclusively Fighting for Men’s Rights

The number of men tangled in complex family disputes is growing by the day. This is especially true with the members of the military. The fact that many divorce attorneys and representatives of various agencies already have soft spot for women makes it increasingly difficult for men to get a fair hearing. That’s why The Firm For Men was founded: we are men’s divorce lawyers. We’re dedicated to offering professional legal representation to men who are going through family disputes or seeking legal advice on family matters, but who feel that other family law attorneys aren’t better able to serve them. We have offices in Virginia Beach and Newport News, but are proud to serve the entire Hampton Roads area.

Nobody else did it for men; that’s why The Firm For Men came forth to fill the huge need in our state! If you’re not sitting down with The Firm For Men, you’re not sitting down with the only family law firm in Virginia protecting you exclusively!

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Focusing on the Most Relevant Family Law Issues

  • Divorce and Family Law: Going through a divorce is always challenging. Many involved in the divorce process strive to give the woman the upper hand, assuming it’s the man who’s always wrong. This is often true of family disputes. At The Firm for Men, our divorce lawyers work with you and support you every step of the way to help you find the right solutions.
  • Military Divorce: Our military divorce lawyers in Virginia Beach offer dedicated services for servicemembers as well as veterans and retired military. We’ve helped resolve divorce issues for men assigned in Iraq and many others assigned to bases around Hampton Roads.
  • Child Custody: Every child needs a father, and for a biological father who’s still alive, we advise that you fight for your custody rights. Either of the parents may have made a mistake, but the children shouldn’t go through their lives without either parent.
  • Domestic Violence: Spousal abuse cases have severe punishment if not competently handled. Let our family law attorneys argue your case to help defend your rights and secure your freedom.
  • Separation Agreements: These agreements are the primary documents used in the finalization of uncontested divorce cases. That’s why you need a qualified divorce attorney to help you in drafting such an agreement. You also need to fully understand the attached risks and requirements throughout the process.