Family Law and Divorce for Men

Until we reach the time when everyone, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or creed receives completely equal protection under the law, a need will exist for law firms representing particular groups. Just as we have seen a rise in the number of law firms focusing on women’s legal issues, The Firm For Men is a family law firm dedicated to supporting men’s legal issues. Men’s rights in Virginia courts are often relegated to second tier in the ascendency of women’s rights, and we are determined to address that inequity. We represent men, and men only, in family law. We represent men from Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake to Hampton, Newport News, and beyond … and we’re proud of our track record of success over the past decade.

family and divorce lawyer for men

Family Law & Divorce Attorneys Fighting for Men’s Rights

At The Firm For Men we believe men in Virginia deserve a firm working exclusively to safeguard their rights in all areas of family law:

We believe the natural rights men have in Virginia deserve to be protected in court, and even when under assault, those rights are worth fighting for. Child custody, for example, is explicitly written in the Code of Virginia to be gender-neutral, so that men have the same right as the women of Virginia to expect the court to award them custody of their children. Often, though, under the services of weak attorneys, Virginia’s men do not get the recognition they deserve. They sign away their rights; they lose custody of their children; they are ordered to pay exorbitant spousal support.

Our Reputation as Men’s Rights Advocates

Because of our firm’s extensive experience fighting for men’s rights in Virginia’s courts, we are well-known in the Circuit and Juvenile courts around Hampton Roads. Those same courts are well-known to our team of lawyers, so we can design your case using our knowledge of specific judges and recent rulings.

Too often, men approach family law issues assuming they will suffer from negative effects and adverse rulings. At The Firm For Men we turn those attitudes around; we encourage our clients to work with us in pushing back against wrong assumptions about what our state’s great fathers and men can do:

  • Dads are great fathers
  • Single Dads can raise children
  • Divorced Dads deserve spousal support
  • Virginia’s Dads are entitled to generous visitation schedules
  • Military Dads have rights, too

Our enthusiasm is infectious; our clients realize they can gain back the rights and privileges they slowly lost. They can feel more confident the courts will listen and weigh their concerns carefully. Time after time, we can point with pride to cases where we championed mens’ rights and won.

What Do We Win?

Family law is not about headlines and huge insurance payouts. It is not about the lone client taking on the big corporation. Family law is about Virginia men and Virginia women in earnest, sincere disputes over the very fabric of our society: marriages and families.

At The Firm For Men we win for our clients many real benefits, like child custody and spousal support. But we also win intangible awards:

  • The restoration of strong relationships between fathers and their children
  • A sense of serenity and power in ending an unpleasant marriage
  • The strength to continue with your life after a long, hard divorce
  • The love of children for their fathers
  • The quiet enjoyment of getting on with your life after separation

In family law, nobody walks away with fabulous prizes; nobody breaks down and admits to dirty deeds. Real human emotion and exposed, raw feelings play out. The proceedings can be genuinely gut-wrenching. With The Firm For Men as your family law firm, you can know you have a zealous advocate at your side. Our attorneys are strong, confident and attentive. They defend your rights, rather than roll over and capitulate. They attack presumptions; they rebut accusations; they advocate for their clients at every moment.

Small Firm, Big Wins

Whether you are serving our nation’s defense as a military servicemember or are helping make Virginia prosperous, you have choices in attorneys for family law. You can hope for success with a military lawyer through the Judge Advocate General (JAG) if you are in the military. You can add yourself to a burgeoning client list at some nameless firm that “specializes” in family law, patents, corporate law, criminal defense, real estate, bankruptcy and more. Or you can visit our niche of the Virginia legal world, The Firm For Men. A small firm, we do not pretend to have staffs of legal secretaries, legal assistants, associates and more. We have a few lawyers and some of the best paralegals in the area to personally handle your case.

We may not be as big as some fancy Washington firm; we may not have as deep a bench as JAG, but we have experienced Virgina Beach divorce lawyers completely familiar with every twist and turn of Virginia law. We know precedents; we can cite recent cases. In the face of new developments we can pivot and capture opportunities to benefit you, our male client.

Because we are nimble and knowledgeable, we have a track record of big wins despite our comparatively small size. JAG lawyers are not experts in family law. Firms with out-of-state affiliations are not experienced with Virginia law. Most firms do not focus exclusively on helping men win cases. The Firm For Men works tirelessly and exclusively for male clients. We work only in family law. Though we wish we could say we cover everything from A to Z, we do work in matters ranging from Alimony (spousal support in Virginia) through Visitation, which is within four letters of that elusive Z.

We’re The Answer to Women Only Firms

Law firms catering only to women are in vogue right now. They have risen to gain attention and, they say, equality with male clients. Perhaps in other areas of the law men have, traditionally and wrongly, been favored by the courts. This has never been true in family law, though, because the presumption has been that women are better parents, better providers, and better nurturers than men.

At The Firm For Men, we align research, legal cases, rulings and rational arguments against the presumption that Virginia men cannot care for children or do not deserve financial support. We make certain every judge provides equal time in court for us to advocate strongly for our male clients, to push back against the sexism that often seems to pervade the legal system.

A Family Lawyer that Supports Your Goals

At The Firm For Men, we listen attentively to hear your needs and goals. We provide strategies and explain every step so that you never have to second-guess what we’re doing. Your goals are our goals. We represent you, the Virginia man, in every aspect of family law. We’ve been serving all of Hampton Roads from Virginia Beach to Newport News for over a decade, and we’re ready to serve you.

Please consider contacting us at The Firm For Men today, by calling (757) 383-9184 or by contacting us online. You can speak with a skilled attorney in our Virginia Beach or Newport News office and make sure your voice is heard.