The Father’s Essential Guide to Child Support in Virginia

This downloadable PDF is a must-read for fathers dealing with child support issues in Virginia. Get the details in this 25-page guide (and bonus content) below! If you’re a father in The Old Dominion, The Father’s Essential Guide to Child Support in Virginia is a must-have.

This comprehensive 25-page guide covers:

  • How child support works in Virginia
  • Making paymentsVirginia Child Support ebook download
  • Applying for child support
  • The Pendente Lite hearing or first child support order
  • Support determination including how imputed income works
  • What courts consider gross income
  • How custody and child support are intertwined
  • Modification of child support
  • Changes in circumstance like custody arrangement, income, written agreement, additional support, special needs, and more
  • Emancipation, challenging guidelines, deviating from guidelines
  • Unemployment, underemployment, and incarceration
  • Penalties for delinquency
  • Contempt of court and show causes
  • Punishments, and other considerations
  • DCSE, TANF, and taxes

BONUS material includes:

  • Your Child Support Defense Plan – discover how to gather the right evidence, state your case, and address the judge
  • Reducing Your Financial Liability (without going to court) – learn various methods of lowering your payments or reducing your burden with no modification needed