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The Firm For Men…Fighting for Men’s Rights for Over a Decade!

The number of men involved in complex family disputes is increasing—particularly those who are members of the military. The Firm For Men is a law firm established to dedicate sound representation to all men in need. As men’s rights attorneys, we are a committed family law firm in Virginia that exclusively focuses its representation of men in complex legal conflicts such as separation, divorce, custody, and military-related issues.

As advocates for men’s and father’s rights, we’re focused on issues facing the male clientele, who often find it difficult to obtain fair and unbiased representation. The Firm For Men understands the difficulties in finding equal footing when it comes to domestic cases, and aims to offer balance to those who can’t seem to it.

Our Mission

The Firm For Men mission is to challenge the court and public oppression of men and father’s rights by actively engaging each employee’s unique knowledge to champion the specific client initiative for every man we protect.

Five-point Guarantee

You can be sure that all legal work that comes from this office or our affiliate attorneys will be of the highest possible caliber.

If you encounter a situation that does not meet your needs or expectations, please bring it to our attention. We will correct the situation immediately.

For a positive and productive lawyer/client relationship, we must communicate openly and freely with each other. We promise to return your phone call within two hours.

If the lawyer you want to reach is in trial or otherwise detained, his secretary will call you and schedule a time when you can speak with him.

Few things are as frustrating as deadlines that are not met. A missed deadline can do a lot to undermine a good lawyer/client relationship. Of course, we want you to know that you can trust what we tell you, and meeting deadlines sets that precedent.

That’s why we guarantee we’ll complete all promised work on time. If we don’t … we will reimburse you 3% of your total fee at the end of our representation.

No one likes financial surprises. That’s why each and every project will be accompanied by a written fee quote. No matter how long it takes us, it will never cost you one penny more.

Once we quote a fee, we stick to it, no matter what. You can depend on it.

No one likes to be thought of as a case number. Every person in our office is here for one purpose: to serve you.

If you don’t receive the close personal attention you want, nothing else matters.

When you’re our client, you become part of our family. And we guarantee you’ll receive the best we have to offer.

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In the modern era of a radically increasing number of all-women firms, The Firm For Men is the equally radical counterpart.

We provide men equal footing, and a fair opportunity at getting what they deserve.
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