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Filing for Military Uncontested Divorce

Balancing your time between military service and following up on a divorce case might present a real challenge and can be really nerve-racking. This often pushes military officers to give their consent to divorce terms that might be unmanageable in the future.

It’s therefore advisable to get a trusted military divorce lawyer to offer you legal counsel. All you need to do is share your thoughts and interests with our family law attorney so that every negotiation is done with your perspective in mind. The Firm for Men serves Hampton Roads and focuses on offering dedicated and tailored services to military personnel who are either going through or contemplating embarking on a divorce process.

Safeguard Your Future Financial Security Through A Properly Conducted Divorce

Owing to lack of information, many military officers make concessions and sign off documents without fully assessing the situation. That’s why it’s important to consult a practiced military divorce lawyer whenever you are going through a divorce.

If you need military divorce lawyer in or around Virginia Beach , get in touch with us so that we can take you through the right procedures based on your unique circumstance. The Firm for Men is a military uncontested divorce lawyer whose main focus is to defend the rights of men and provide them with the best service there is.

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The Right of a Father & Military Servicemember

A military officer stationed in a place away from home might find it a challenge when the other spouse files for divorce. The negotiation process might not favor such an officer thus influencing him to give up so much just to get over the process. Regardless, you have rights that must be defended in order to safeguard your fatherly rights and to secure a sound financial future for yourself and your children.

When not stationed, you have the rights as a father to have access to your children. You also have the right not to be subjected to huge and unbearable financial support that might cripple your personal, financial and professional growth.

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