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The Ultimate Men’s Divorce GuideThe Ultimate Men's Divorce Guide
This 30-page men’s divorce guide was designed to help you navigate through the various layers of separation and divorce as  a man. The guide includes information on the separation process; residency and jurisdiction; pleadings and service of process; options in divorce; custody and visitation; and military divorce.

Virginia Military Divorce Manual for MenThe Men’s Military Divorce Manual
Our 30-page military divorce guide for men will arm you for the best possible outcome in your divorce case. Covering everything from Virginia residency and filing requirements to the SCRA, separation agreement, military retirements, health and life benefits, and more.

Virginia Separation Guide & Checklist (Coming Soon!)


Divorce & Separation Red Flagsdivorce red flags
Don’t go in blind! Use our interactive Red Flags tool to identify potential issues in your separation or divorce case. Learn the subtle and not-so-subtle nuances of the city of filing, living arrangements, custody, military concerns, and more!

Custody & Visitation Red Flags (Coming Soon!)

Child Support Calculator (Coming Soon!)

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