Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic Disputes & Spousal Abuse in Marriage

Domestic violence and spousal abuse cases are generally complicated in nature. They can lead to arrest or other immediate and long-term repercussions on your personal, professional, and financial life. Such cases, if not properly handled, can lead to the trial and eventual jail term for an innocent partner.

When accused of domestic violence or being investigated in a similar case, you shouldn’t just sit and wait to find out the outcome. You need to act fast and secure the legal counsel of a family lawyer to help analyze your domestic situation and offer the necessary legal defense.

The Firm for Men is always at your service when you are in need. We provide you with the best defense and apply the most strategic approach to get your spousal abuse issues resolved.

We can also counsel you on an help you get an emergency protective order, preliminary protective order, or a general protective order.

Liabilities in Domestic Abuse Cases

domestic violence lawyerThe consequences of being accused of domestic violence can be far-reaching. You can be restrained from getting close to your spouse, face criminal charges, or even have the allegation form the basis of a divorce application.

It doesn’t end there though. If you are convicted, you could also lose many other rights that could affect your personal life. If you’re in the military, there could also be other charges within the court-martial, a possibility that could lead to further legal troubles.

Before things get really out of hand, you need to contact a qualified domestic violence attorney to pick up your case and offer you the most fitting defense. Remember, in Virginia the case cannot be dismissed as long as your partner has filed it. With our exceptional legal services, we will ensure that we reduce the charges, penalties, and further ensure that your rights aren’t interfered with.

Reach an experienced domestic abuse laawyer by contacting us with cases involving;

  • False allegations
  • Divorce and domestic abuse
  • PTSD and allegations of abuse
  • Child and spousal abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual abuse/rape
  • Weapons offenses

Domestic Violence Claims in the Military

Facing an allegation of domestic violence in the military can be devastating. At times, there isn’t even a fair trial as you could be taken through disciplinary action without any hearing. Sometimes the accused isn’t even allowed to contract the services of a family law attorney, complicating matters even further.

If you are in such a situation or someone you care about has found himself trapped in such a deplorable state, reach out to an experienced and reputable Hampton Roads family attorney who solely defends men, whether in the military or otherwise, to get an aggressive and defense that will help rescue the defendant from such a complex legal circumstance.

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