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Filing a Separation Agreement

Marital separation agreements are the first, formal step in the path to a final divorce from the bond of matrimony in Virginia. Using the experienced separation agreement attorneys at The Firm For Men to draft and complete your separation is a wise move, for many reasons. You may have a friend who advises that you can get “a legal separation” on your own, or by purchasing paperwork online. Let us assure you right away: Virginia does not recognize a “legal separation.” The state has no such thing, so you really do need our family lawyers looking out for you, to protect your rights and defend you.

Separation agreement lawyer

Separation Starts the Clock

The day you and your wife part ways, a legal clock starts ticking. You need to formalize that moment when you two separate, even if you have a suspicion you may reconnect later. The attorneys at The Firm For Men can be helpful in drafting a separation agreement, which is also a property settlement agreement, so you can pursue an uncontested divorce.

From the moment you two formally separate, Virginia gives you six months (with no children) or a year (with children) before you can file for uncontested divorce. The separation agreement forms the backbone of the later divorce. Once you understand how critical that agreement is, you will understand the need to leave it in the hands of trusted legal professionals.

Who Drafts the Separation Agreement?

The fact of the matter is that either side may draft a separation agreement. Perhaps you did not consider that you and your wife were now on opposite sides, but you are. Your trusted, local family law attorney can clarify for you that her attorney will work to protect her rights and assets just as vigorously as your attorney will protect you.

This means a negotiation will almost certainly be necessary. The separation agreement should not be some cut-and-pasted, poorly worded nonsense from the internet. In the hands of a skilled separation attorney looking out for men’s interests, your separation agreement can protect you in all aspects of divorce and family law:

Since a mutually beneficial separation agreement will only come through negotiation, we labor to keep communication flowing between all parties. We know that your time and money are precious, so we do try to see and respect everyone’s perspective in arriving at the best property settlement agreement.

The Firm For Men spends every day working hard to preserve the rights of Virginia’s men in separations, family law, and divorces. We have hundreds of hours of courtroom experience, but perhaps more important, we have tens of thousands of pages of actual property settlement agreements under our belts, so we can use our experience to craft the ideal separation agreement for you.

Our attorneys and paralegals are accustomed to keeping our male clients informed at every step of the process from initial drafting through signing. When we sit down to sign a property settlement agreement or separation agreement, you can be sure it is as tightly worded, as legally strong, and as fair as it can be for everyone.

Rights and Obligations in Separation

A separation agreement is not exclusively about getting what’s yours. At The Firm For Men, we respect the rights of all Virginians, but we jealously protect the rights of the children often in the middle of separations and divorces. We view as a solemn duty our responsibility to shield those children from any unpleasantness or distractions during a separation.

This means we will work relentlessly to provide the ideal wording, schedules and payment plans to provide for your children during and after a separation. We will protect your right to continue being a good father, and ensure your children are cared for and financially supported.

A vaguely worded separation agreement can cause big trouble during the long wait before a divorce. Omitted issues, like summer visitation schedules or temporary spousal support, can be expensive mistakes. At The Firm For Men, we safeguard your children and your bank account against such blunders. We always hold our clients’ interests — and the interests of their children — above all else.

By spelling out the rights and obligations of each party in the separation agreement, your attorney can protect you from subsequent challenges that drag you back into court. If every contingency is stipulated in the agreement, your estranged spouse cannot inflict unnecessary stress on you as you wait out the calendar for your uncontested divorce.

Call the Separation Lawyers for Men Only

Experience matters! Comparing a regular attorney’s office with The Firm For Men, you can immediately see the benefits of using an attorney focused on men’s rights. In Virginia, the law may treat men and women as equals, but when separation and divorce are handled in everyday courtrooms, this is often not the case. Your attorney has to be ready with case law, the Code of Virginia and years of experience to push back against unreasonable demands on you. A properly written separation agreement will help you avoid taking on challenges you do not need:

  • Paying off her separate debt, incurred before you were married or after you separate
  • Setting too high a figure on child support
  • Avoiding claims on your intellectual property, such as songs, video, books, or patents
  • Agreeing to spousal support that is either too lavish or lasts too long
  • Ceding your rights to your equitable share of marital property, including cash, investments and real estate

A quick call to The Firm for Men at 757-383-9184, or an online contact, can help you connect with a Virginia attorney dedicated to protecting and preserving men’s legal rights. Your separation agreement paves the way for an easier life in later years; get it right by having The Firm For Men on your side. We’ve been protecting men only for over a decade, and with offices in Virginia Beach and Newport News, we’re convenient to all of Hampton Roads. Give us a call today to schedule your family law consultation.