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Spousal Support, Maintenance & Alimony

One area of contention in a Virginia divorce proceeding is spousal support. If you were the larger breadwinner, you may be ordered to pay your ex-wife spousal support, either for a definite amount of time or for an indefinite period, seeming to stretch into your golden years. At The Firm For Men, we are experienced in helping our male clients minimize their financial exposure for spousal support. Often, too, we work to get spousal support for men who happen to make less than their ex-wives.

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Spousal Support 101

By allying yourself with the experienced spousal support lawyers at The Firm For Men, you can make your case before a Virginia judge and get an equitable, fair and just arrangement that helps both you and your ex-wife.

Unlike with child support, the Code of Virginia does not set a specific amount for spousal support. Nor does the Code direct a judge when to turn the cash spigot off. Our attorneys can greatly influence the outcome of your spousal support proceeding by helping to frame the case favorably for you:

  • If you serve in our nation’s military, your ability to provide spousal support could be severely hampered
  • If you recently saw a reduction in income through no action or fault of your own, you cannot be ordered to squeeze the proverbial blood from a stone
  • Illness, injury, underemployment and unforeseen expenses can be shown in court to justify reductions in spousal support

Work With Us Now for a Better Tomorrow

The Firm For Men works hard to provide our male clients with solid legal advice. This means not only knowing the law in Virginia, it means developing winning strategies to encourage your spouse to make herself employable, through vocational assessment and vocational training.

We can advise on job opportunities, training, classwork and other ways to get her up on her feet and off your support. By limiting the time you have to pay spousal support, we provide relief to you and motivation to her.

Men’s Rights & Spousal Support

Spousal support in the Code of Virginia is gender-neutral. If you earned less during your marriage than your spouse at the time, you may be eligible for spousal support from her. Men’s rights in divorce in Virginia are often trampled in a rush to provide for the ex-wife and (possibly) mother.

Yet men have rights, too, and at The Firm For Men we vigorously uphold those rights. You deserve to be heard in court. Your ex-wife’s finances deserve to be scrutinized. Her current life can also affect spousal support. If, for example, she remarries, you no longer have to pay spousal support. She is required by law to inform you of her new situation, but sometimes ex-wives “forget.” Our attorneys are trained to investigate and uncover everything pertinent to your spousal support case.

Children & Spousal Support

Spousal support is completely unlike child support. Nobody would quibble with a need to provide for the children in a divorce case. Yet spousal support is often and erroneously conjoined with child support, even within the Code of Virginia. Spousal support is financial help to get your ex-wife re-positioned to be:

  • Independent of you
  • Financially stable
  • Comfortably secure in a manner similar to how you two lived in marriage
  • Skilled and earning her own income

In some rare instances, you may have custody of your children and she could receive spousal support for a very limited time while she adjusts to her single life. Or, you could have child custody and she may need to pay you spousal support. You two may have produced no children and ended a very brief marriage; she could be entitled to no spousal support. The Firm For Men handles every possible situation with professionalism, understanding, and zeal. We pursue the truth and the power of the law, without ever losing our awareness of the personal touch in family law.

Determining Spousal Support

A Virginia judge has wide latitude in determining spousal support. This means your attorney from The Firm For Men can make a compelling case in your favor. We can lay out as evidence your financial position, your ex-wife’s finances, and each of your needs. You cannot be ordered to give so much of your income that you endanger your own position or quality of life. You cannot sacrifice without end. Our lawyers can show Virginia’s judges that your ex-wife is:

  • Skilled and able to be gainfully employed, or
  • Physically and mentally able to be trained for gainful employment, or
  • Deliberately underemployed or unemployed so as to make her need seem greater

The unceasing flow of money from you, the hard-working ex-husband, to her can also be stopped. The Firm For Men can compel the court to make spousal support payments stop after a specific time, based on resettling your ex-wife so she can be completely independent. You have no fear of watching large portions of your future earnings disappear without end.

You’re Not Helpless with the Right Defense

Remember that your ex-wife will engage a spousal support attorney, too, to attempt to get as much money from you as she legally can. That is her right, but you as a Virginia man have rights, too. You can get the help of strong, capable attorneys at The Firm For Men who will fight alongside you to reduce or even end spousal support payments. You cannot afford to go through this battle alone.

Some Virginia men watch, helpless, in court as they attempt to defend themselves against aggressive and powerful attorneys representing ex-wives. The rights of women are upheld, as they should be, but too often they come at the expense of the rights of men. Often, men simply refuse to push back. The Firm For Men never stops pushing back against unreasonable, wrong or ruinous demands. We never stop defending our clients, and with offices in Virginia Beach and Newport News, you have no excuse to not consult with us!

Contact Spousal Support Lawyers for Men!

Virginia’s family laws are complicated. The Code of Virginia is only one aspect. Even knowing the correct court to plead your case in can be tricky. The Firm For Men has argued thousands of cases in Virginia jurisdictions. We know family law; we know divorce laws; we know spousal support rulings; we know Hampton Roads. We are constantly reading new judgments and decrees, so we are familiar with the thinking and patterns of Virginia’s judges.

We bring that experience, learning and wisdom to your case. We fight for you, the Virginia man, who sees so much of society stacked against him. We fight for your financial security, for preserving what is yours, and for providing a bright, strong future for yourself and your children.

When you need to make a strong case before a Virginia judge about your spousal support concerns, The Firm For Men is the law office you need. Contact us or telephone 757-383-9184 to speak with an experienced, knowledgeable family law attorney today.