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Spousal Support Attorneys

Spousal Support, Maintenance & Alimony

Most marriage partners do not feel good about the prospect of living apart due to a divorce filing, yet at times the circumstances might force one to do just that. Living apart can mean difficult times, both financially and emotionally.

There is also a widespread perception that it’s only men who are supposed to pay alimony (spousal support), a myth that has seen men plunge into deplorable lifestyles even when the other spouse is living in opulence. Whether it’s you who needs the alimony or it’s the other spouse, you shouldn’t go into the legal intricacies alone. In Hampton Roads, there aren’t set standards that determine the amount payable, making the presentation of a good case crucial.

As a firm of trained alimony attorneys, we will help you to understand the prevailing alimony laws and offer you the best defense to protect your investments and ensure that your life doesn’t fall into an abyss. Share your unique circumstances with The Firm for Men in Virginia Beach and let us do our part, which is protecting men from paying unjustifiable alimony or not receiving alimony when they’re entitled.

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Making adjustments to what has been dispensed by the courts is often difficult. The courts will go through the presented evidence and make a decision based onthe laws of the land relating to spousal support. Judges often find loopholes in the law, making it a risky affair not to ensure that your case is handled right the very first time.

We are family law attorneys that are always at your service. We have an intimate understanding of alimony law, and we have been to the corridors of justice for years to know how to present a case. Our specialization in defending men has also given us a clear grasp of what men go through so that our defense is realistic and geared towards protecting your rights so you’re not subjected to high spousal support obligations.

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  • Spousal support (alimony) and maintenance
  • Single family earnings
  • Division of property
  • Reducing liability

Spousal Support for Members of the Military

Many persons serving in the military have been surprised by the amount in spousal support awarded by the courts, especially in Hampton Roads. This often happens because matters of alimony are handled completely differently for those serving in the military. This is further broken down when there are children in the marriage or otherwise.

Even with all the formulas for calculating spousal support, the whole process is always shrouded in confusion as many factors are considered. But at least with the court’s starting point and knowledge of some of the things they take into account, you can be able to have a rough estimate of what to expect. There isn’t a better way to go through such a process than to hire the services of a military divorce attorney who fully understands the local laws guiding spousal support and one who is exceptionally committed to serving military servicemen.

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