Uncontested Divorce Lawyers for Men

The fastest, easiest way to divorce in Virginia is through an uncontested divorce, or agreed divorce. You and your wife both agree on all the terms for separating, including custody of your children (if any), property division, and support payments. While you may be tempted to try to go through an uncontested divorce by yourself (or worse, rely on online paperwork), we at The Firm For Men caution against this. We are always looking out for the rights of Virginia’s men, and even in an uncontested divorce, your rights matter.

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Advantages of Uncontested Divorce

For whatever reason, you and your wife realize your marriage is not working out. Avoiding hurt, pain and suffering for you and your wife is important. You want to end the relationship quickly, without recrimination and without upheaval. An agreed  divorce allows the process to move quickly. You and your wife have to agree on many details, however, and The Firm For Men is available to help you through every nuance:

  • Separation as required by the Code of Virginia
  • Motion for a no-fault divorce filed with the appropriate court
  • Written and signed agreement on child support, child custody, visitation and spousal support
  • Property settlement agreement includes all assets, debts and property division

An uncontested divorce usually moves through Virginia’s court system quickly, so within six months or a year after beginning the proceedings, you are finally and completely divorced. Your children need not have the emotional roller coaster that a contested divorce can bring. Your work schedule, place of residence, and finances need not suffer. Your ex-wife can go on with her life and you can go on with yours.

Protect Your Rights

An uncontested divorce can, sometimes, get away from the husband and wife. If you rush headlong into signing cookie-cutter papers downloaded from some random divorce site, you may sign away important rights. The Firm For Men will ensure your rights as a man and father are preserved, that property settlement is equitable, and any payments you must make are equitable and bearable.

You may think you have all the answers to every contingency, but consider these possibilities:

  • Are your parents entitled to grandparent visits with their grandkids?
  • What happens to your insurance policies; who is to be the beneficiary?
  • Will your wife be entitled to a share of your retirement accounts from all your employers from the years you were married?

Without thinking about the long-term consequences of missing details, some Virginia men sign away their rights in rushing through an uncontested divorce. Avoid mistakes; engage the professionals at The Firm For Men.

Save Time and Money with an Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is a great way to save money on the legal bills, save time on court appearances, and save your sanity for the good life to come. Your first step is to separate, and mark the date so the clock and calendar start the countdown to your uncontested divorce. Without children, you can be done in six months. If you have children, you can be divorced within a year. By finding neither party at fault, the Virginia divorce proceeding is quick and relatively painless.

Of course, this does not mean you should scrimp on proper legal advice. Most likely, even with both of you knowing you plan an uncontested divorce, your wife will seek legal counsel to protect her rights … shouldn’t you do the same to protect yours?

With an uncontested divorce, you two can begin the discussion about who gets the ATV and who gets the house; you can remove one another from joint accounts; you can even discuss physical and legal child custody. Once you have the basic structure of your divorce planned, you can both hire attorneys to put everything in legal terms everyone agrees with, so no unpleasant shocks come years later.

Uncontested divorces do require the two of you to work together, even with the goal of living apart. Unfortunately during uncontested divorce planning, some disagreements do crop up, and having the trusted attorneys from The Firm For Men by your side is a comfort as well as a protection. We can protect your rights, outline your responsibilities, and work with your wife’s attorney to come to an accord.

Children in Uncontested Divorce

One topic we are extremely sensitive to in uncontested divorce is the child or children that sprang from your marriage. Both the courts and our firm uphold the best interests of Virginia’s children, even above the needs of the two adults in the marriage. With an uncontested divorce, your children are largely shielded from the discord and frustration a contested divorce sees. We will work tirelessly to preserve your rights regarding your children:

  • Child custody agreements that include you and your important family members, like grandparents
  • Visitation schedules that are not a punishment but a pleasure
  • Child support payments that adhere to the Code of Virginia and are fair to both sides
  • Legal custody that spells out exactly what rights you retain in protecting your children

Because we safeguard the best interests of the child, Virginia’s judges often trust us to deliver uncontested divorce cases with no surprises or intrigue. We look out for you and your kids even when you do not know what to watch for.

Military Precision

Uncontested divorce is often appealing to members of the armed forces. Stationed outside Virginia, on a ship far at sea, or tied down to an air base half a world away, these military service members have neither the time nor the ability to go in and out of Virginia courtrooms for week after week. With over a decade in Virginia Beach and serving Hampton Roads, The Firm For Men is experienced in handling military divorces. We can plan strategically to keep you informed, find convenient dates for any needed court appearances, and reduce the stress you feel.

From a separation date through the final divorce decree, we will keep you informed of your case’s progress, your role and requirements, and your wife’s position on everything. Gone is the feeling of helplessness; gone is the sense of confusion; in their place, you enjoy feelings of confidence and power, so you can get on with the important work you are performing on behalf of a grateful nation.

Call the Uncontested Divorce Attorneys for Men ONLY

An uncontested divorce is often the best answer for many of our male clients. We can negotiate from a position of strength. We can work with you to clarify every part of the divorce. We can work amicably with your wife’s attorney while still zealously guarding your rights. We have the experience, strength and skill to help you get through the uncontested divorce and get on with your life. Please contact The Firm For Men today at (757) 383-9184 to learn more.