The Firm For Men Reviews

We’re extremely proud of the work we do, but nothing makes us more proud than our work being recognized and complimented by our clients! Here are just a few examples of what our clients say!

Only had the consultation so far but it was well done. Straight to the point and very informative. Highly recommend Jason for anyone out there that feels they have been done wrong.

George C.

The Firm for Men got the mission accomplished in an at times complicated divorce. For me that was a clean break with zero financial ties. The paralegal handling my case was thorough and able to guide me through the process every step of the way. I’m not accustomed to being in front of a judge in a courtroom. It was a stressful situation for me, but my lawyer did an excellent job at the hearing. The ladies in the front get 5 stars!!! They are always welcoming, in person and on the phone. I’m hoping I will never be in this situation again, but if I am I will go back to Jason and his Team

Joe S.

Thank you Jason, Ben, Kimberly and Tina. I immediately felt a part of your family and you all did a great job getting me through my divorce. The team, in great detail, explained the process and provided stellar legal representation. It’s over and I made it!!! I highly recommend their professional legal team.

Michael D.

Jason and team were nothing but professional and respectful from the beginning; the best thing I ever did was hire Jason. He offered unbiased opinions and guidance throughout the case, and Tara (paralegal) is fantastic. They were strong and direct, allowing me to get exactly what I had sought out to get. I will always highly recommend this firm to my friends and family.

Eric P.

Jason and the Firm for Men were awesome! Great communication, very easy to use file share system, and both the paralegals and the lawyers were great at keeping me involved. I explained my situation to them day one and they worked with me every step of the way. Thanks again to Jason and his team!

Josh S.

A real weight was lifted during my consultation with Jason. He’s passionate about what he’s doing and I left with great advice on how to proceed with my current situation which is very involved. It was definitely worth every penny of the consultation fee. He even told me to wait and NOT retain him right now because it could work against me. Thanks for the real talk and honesty. I’ll be back when the timing is right. God bless.

David M.

Mr. Swango is amazing. He isn’t a sugar coating attorney, he told me how it is. I walked into my appointment with a huge load on my shoulders, and he lifted that load and made me feel like a good man. If I could give a 6 star I would. Thank you Jason Swango for everything. Highly recommend to any man having a tough time.

Derek R.

Had an opportunity to discuss my case involving a previous divorce. Jason Swango is a straight shooter who is passionate about what he is doing. Coming from a 30 year military background I darn good at evaluating people. Jason is on a mission to help men to receive quality legal advice without smoke and mirrors. Thank you Jason for all you do. Keep that focus. Your staff creates a family climate where other firms appear detached when interacting with prospective clients.

James H.

Without a doubt the best thing I ever did was hire this Firm. Not only do they have great attorneys but the staff in the office are great. Ask a question and you will get an answer no BS but a straight answer, that helped me prepare for my case. I was impressed when we went to court, the attorney was ready had everything thing he needed and we got exactly what I wanted. They do everything, traffic, family law and criminal, there is nowhere else I will ever go.

David A.

Great people. Welcoming and gonna tell it to you the way you need to hear it. Now putting the $$$ together to retain them once again now that my situation is beyond repair. Im going back because they’re confident in what they do and got your back all the way through and then some. I recommend them to any man going through it.

Randy C.

Jason and his team helped me thru one of the most trying times in my life and with as little collateral damage as possible. I travel constantly so it was really nice to know they were there taking care of things as they came up. One less worry for me. A big thanks to The Firm For Men team!

Stephen C.

Going through a divorce is no walk in the park, and I don’t think anyone who’s done it would argue with that. But with the help of Jason Swango and his staff, I like to think it was as easy and carefree as possible. THANK YOU, FIRM FOR MEN TEAM!

Brad J.

Thank you so much Kimberly Rao and Jason for your help to get me through this. Excellent Job and god bless.

Frank V.

The staff made me feel like I was their only client. Top notch service and even better customer service.

Ardis S.

Best law firm for men we have found. We used them for my son’s case they were very patient with him and explained everything. I have and will continue to refer them clients.

J. Pender

Jason Swango and his team are excellent at what they do. My case was complicated until I decided to hire them to represent me in Virginia.

Tony A.

I’ve seen first-hand the good this firm brings to the area and the cause as a whole. This law firm has been fighting for men’s and father’s rights for many years, providing a much needed, much appreciated service to our friends, our brothers, and our colleagues. Is it free? No. Is it worth it? Yes! They’re well-known and well-respected in Virginia Beach and the entire Hampton Roads area. Ask around and you’ll quickly learn what The Firm For Men is all about!

L. Martin

Professional, efficient top notch law firm. Every referral I’ve made to this firm has come back wth great feedback and success. I will continue to recommend.

A. Vegas

Over the past 7 years, Mr. Swango has been exceptionally helpful to me. He has helped me with 3 different cases varying from a divorce to a DUI. With the help of the law offices of Jason Swango, each case ended successfully in my favor. Even when I had my doubts about how the events will turn out, Mr. Swango put me at ease by thoroughly knowing the law and making sure that our judicial system is doing its job and treating people fairly. Bottom line, if you are innocent, he will find out and prove it. If you aren’t, then he will be your best chance at getting a fair and just outcome. Mr. Swango is very thorough and will ensure that he covers all bases.

R. Hardy

This firm is awesome! Great people, great service!

B. Rogers