Contested Divorce Lawyers

The ties that allowed you and your wife to agree on everything from a preferred china pattern to favorite sports teams are now broken. You know you’re headed for a divorce. By turning to the experienced attorneys at The Firm For Men, you can move smoothly and knowledgeably into a contested divorce. The contested part is best left to the legal advisors you and your wife select; by relying on skilled divorce lawyers for men, you can be spared some of the psychological anguish and frustration of the divorce proceedings.

Contested divorces are much more complicated than uncontested divorces. They require careful attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of Virginia’s laws. The Firm For Men has been representing the men of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk as well as The Peninsula for over a decade, and we know the ins and outs of contested divorce matters in Hampton Roads.

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Do You Need to File for a Contested Divorce?

Virginia recognizes two types of grounds for divorce: fault grounds and no fault grounds. Anytime you are accusing your wife (or she accuses you) of something that provides fault grounds for divorce, your divorce will be contested. Additionally, a divorce may be contested if you and your wife fail to reach agreement (through the property settlement agreement) on these issues:

Fortunately for Hampton Roads men, The Firm For Men protects men’s rights in all these areas. We can provide thoughtful, knowledgeable advice that reflects current legal thinking and case law. We fight hard to protect all your rights, including:

  • Your right to an equitable property settlement
  • Your right to see and be involved with your children
  • Your right to preserve your financial security

We represent men in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Hampton, and beyond, and we’ve been doing so for over a decade!

Filing for Fault Divorce

Fault grounds for divorce in Virginia lead to a contested divorce, since you must legally prove to the court’s satisfaction that your wife committed one of these acts:

  • Adultery
  • Sodomy outside of marriage
  • Buggery outside of marriage
  • Commission of a felony
  • Cruelty
  • Bodily hurt
  • Willful desertion
  • Abandonment

By saying your wife committed an actual crime, you cause her to defend herself through her attorney. You need the aggressive men’s divorce attorneys from The Firm For Men to present your case. You need eyewitnesses, testimony, depositions, circumstantial evidence, and forensic evidence.

Often the crimes that lead to grounds for divorce in Virginia are challenging to prove. By relying on the experienced lawyers at The Firm for Men, you can present the strongest possible case in your contested divorce.

Protecting Male Clients in Contested Divorce Cases

Turning your contested divorce over to The Firm For Men frees you from the perpetual cycle of arguments, accusations and attacks. Your divorce lawyer will consult with you, develop a strategy, and work hard to reach agreement with your wife on all the issues that have kept you from reaching a settlement.

Perhaps the most sensitive issues in contested divorces involve children. The Firm for Men and the great state of Virginia both hold children in the highest esteem. We work hard to live up to the legal standard to do what is in the best interests of the child during and after a divorce.

This means your attorney from The Firm For Men will go above and beyond to find common ground, to work out schedules and arrangements, and to find exactly the right number to resolve child custody, child support and child visitation challenges. This will, in essence, help you cut costs and help to maintain family relationships.

We Fight For What is Fair; What is Just

Virginia’s divorce laws are written to be gender-neutral, but often the men of this great Commonwealth are under-served by Virginia’s courts. Too many times, male divorce clients simply tolerate decisions that leave them without justice. At The Firm For Men, we push hard to overcome the prejudices and unfair treatment that keep men from enjoying full relationships with their children, or from having the financial security everyone deserves.

In contested divorces, child support and spousal support are often contentious issues. Our attorneys can draw on vast experience with case law and personal involvement to offer fair and just solutions that will work for both sides in a contested divorce.

Sometimes, and especially in the teeth of the gale that can be a contested divorce, the two sides are swept up by intractable emotions. Clear heads and unbiased views can bring novel approaches to old dilemmas. If you’re not here in Hampton Roads, visitation may even include virtual visits and electronic connectivity. Custody schedules can be built that work around busy parents’ work lives without sacrificing the joys and bonds of family. At The Firm For Men we work hard to make matters work for our male clients.

The Growing Need for Men’s Rights Advocacy

Whether you travel extensively for work, serve in our nation’s military, or are a stay-at-home Dad, we’re ready to protect your rights. We know the pressures of being far from your home and needing reliable legal representation. We have ample experience representing men in and out of court who cannot be physically present to answer a judge’s questions or respond to the opposite side’s attorney.

We respect your time and understand the pressures you feel. By partnering with The Firm For Men, you can leave your contested divorce case in our capable hands and always feel completely in touch, no matter where in the world you are. Whether stationed at Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras or selling soda in Sønderborg, Denmark, you can be anywhere you need to be while we handle your contested divorce. We will keep you in close communication and never leave you wondering where you stand or where your case stands in the eyes of the Virginia courts.

Contact a Men’s Contested Divorce Attorney

When you call 757-383-9214 to set up your consultation, you’ll be able to schedule a time to speak with a lawyer in our Virginia Beach or Newport News office so you can lay out your issues. What you and your wife see as impossible differences to bridge could, in fact (and often), be easily remedied with the help of a thoroughly experienced lawyer from The Firm For Men. That contested divorce could become a mutually agreeable property settlement agreement and an uncontested divorce that allows your wife, your kids and you to get on with your rich and full lives.

The Firm For Men will work unrelentingly to protect your rights as a Virginia man, shield your children from the worst of the conflict, and arrive at a reasonable, fair and equitable solution to your contested divorce. If you have struggled to find a voice willing to hear your case, to find a shoulder to lean on, or to find accurate, trustworthy legal advice, please contact us. We are here to hear you, and here to help you. Please contact us today.