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Contested Divorce Lawyers

Failure to agree on divorce terms? When two partners in a marriage fail to agree on the terms of divorce, it will likely lead to filing for a contested divorce. Contested divorce doesn’t mean that you or your partner aren’t ready for a divorce, but that you’ve failed to agree on certain things such as child custody, child support, property sharing, or another matter.

contested divorce lawyerIf the partners cannot agree even with the help of their counsel, the matter then has to be determined in court. The courts will make a declaration on the contested issue and both partners will have to abide by that declaration subject to an appeal.

Because of the complexities that come with the divorce process, it’s important to get the counsel of an experienced contested divorce lawyer to help protect you throughout the divorce process. This will help protect your personal, professional, and financial interests.

The Firm for Men in Virginia Beach areas is dedicated to fighting for the rights of male clients and military servicemen in divorce cases.

Protecting Male Clients in Contested Divorce Cases

Many men undergo heart-wrecking moments when going through uncontested divorce processes. With a legal system that doesn’t work in their favor, many men end up losing their property and parental rights. At The Firm for Men, we’ve refused to bow to the pressure; we’ve committed ourselves to ensuring that men get their rightful places before marriage, during the marriage, and through a divorce. Don’t just walk away . . . know that you have rights and we’re ready to protect you.

You can contact us at any stage of the divorce process. Even if its contested divorce, through our divorce attorneys, we can help you secure uncontested divorce. This will, in essence, help you cut costs while at the same time maintaining cordial family relationships.

Being your trusted Hampton Roads divorce attorney, you can come to us for legal services related to:

Adultery in Contested Divorce

Where adultery is involved in your contested divorce case, it’s important to swing into action immediately and secure the services of an experienced divorce lawyer. As a divorce attorney, we focus on helping you mitigate damages that might be caused by inaction.

Just get a moment with us and we will do what’s right; remember even social media activities can be used in a court of law when one is accused of adultery.

The Growing Need for Men’s Rights Advocacy

If you want to know that men’s rights aren’t taken seriously, go and sit in a court to listen to the proceedings on family cases. And more importantly, you can see the many women’s rights advocacy groups and several other entities founded on the basis of pressing men even harder. There are numerous litigators who are always on the line to limit another man’s rights. And they don’t care whether it isn’t in the best interest of your family that they purport to be protecting.

Owing to such acts, some men have lost hope in the legal system and have instead given up on fighting for their rights. If you are one such man, whether in the military or otherwise, know that there is a firm that exclusively and tirelessly works to level the playing ground for men and women.

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