Post-Divorce Issues

The need for aggressive attorneys after divorce is just as vital as it was during your divorce. Virginia men need to be vigilant after their divorces, because a wide range of issues can still require legal scrutiny and intervention. The Firm For Men stands ready to protect your rights for post-divorce legal issues.

post-divorce modifications

Post-Divorce Legal Services

A small list of post-divorce concerns helps remind us that family lawyers never really rest:

  • Modifications of court orders
  • Unresolved or unforeseen issues with property distribution, custody, child visitation and more
  • Relocation within Virginia or out of state
  • Court petitions to show cause
  • Charges of contempt of court
  • Changes to your financial situation
  • Enforcement of current issues

Long after your divorce, The Firm For Men is here and ready to work with you on these and other challenges, whether we filed your divorce or not. If we filed your divorce, it may have been years ago, but we have long memories and nimble minds. We are prepared to take up any issue you need, from requests for modifications to defending you against charges of contempt of court.

Post-Divorce Modifications

You may need to contact The Firm For Men about modifications to court decrees. Even years after your divorce is final, issues can come up that require a trip back before a Virginia judge. You may need to request modifications of a divorce decree to reflect changes to your life:

  • Your job requires you to transfer to another state
  • Due to illness or handicap, your children require greater care than when you first divorced
  • A dramatically reduced income makes support payments more onerous

In all cases, a Virginia judge is expecting to hear about substantial changes in circumstances, not a temporary setback. At The Firm For Men we are experienced in assessing the extent of life changes and determining strategies for winning the modifications you need.

Modification of Decrees

Virginia court decrees are legally binding, but do provide for some changes. The Commonwealth of Virginia realizes real people face changing circumstances, so the proper method of changing a divorce decree is through modification. Common reasons to seek modifications:

  • Changes to your income compel you to reduce your spousal support payments or child support payments
  • If you are serving in our nation’s armed services, military orders may require you to be stationed or posted somewhere far away from your original domicile, so visitation schedules or custody arrangements may need to be modified

A Virginia court decree sets out the legal rights you and your ex-wife have as a result of your divorce. In a typical divorce, only one decree is issued, whereas several court orders could stem from the single divorce.

Modification of Orders

A Virginia court’s orders to affect various aspects related to a divorce decree can enumerate specific rights and responsibilities. The one divorce can generate several orders, and each of these can be modified as substantial changes to your circumstances require.

If you find you need the court to consider modification of orders, you need an attorney to present your case. The Firm For Men can work with you to seek the best possible outcome for any modifications you need.

Unresolved Issues

Any number of unresolved issues can require a return to court. With the team from The Firm For Men by your side in court and before a Virginia judge, you can feel confident your rights are protected. Concerns you may have:

For every reason you have to approach a Virginia court, we have experience dealing with that concern. We can represent you and help get a satisfactory, legal resolution.

Show Cause

If your ex-wife is no longer cooperating with you about visitation schedules, you and your attorney from The Firm For Men can petition the court for a Rule to Show Cause, which means you ask the Virginia court to make your wife explain her disdain for a judge’s decree or order.

If, on the opposite note, you are slapped with a notice to Show Cause, you need strong legal representation. Judges do not take kindly to being ignored, and their decrees and orders are meant to be followed. You may not like or agree with the judge’s orders, but you must follow them.

At The Firm For Men, if our attorneys shepherded you through your divorce, we also advised you to follow all court orders and the decree to the letter. Rather than needing to defend you against a Rule to Show Cause, we typically need to compel your ex-wife to adhere to the judge’s rulings. We have a lot of courtroom experience with these issues, and know how to frame your case to get the results you want.

Contempt of Court

Our male clients listen carefully to our legal advice. One lesson we impress upon them is to follow legal orders, whether they like them or not. Usually, our attorneys are returning to court post-divorce to get ex-wives to follow divorce court orders. We can help a Virginia judge to see your point of view, and to agree your ex-wife is in contempt of the orders.

Contemnors (those guilty of contempt of court) are often full of bluster and bravado outside a Virginia hearing room. Your ex-wife may claim she will thumb her nose at divorce orders, but under the withering gaze of a Virginia judge, her contempt for the court’s rulings will likely disappear. Our attorneys will lay out the circumstances so that the judge sees the impact her contempt of court has on your children or you.

Again, should you be charged with contempt of court for failing to follow court orders, we will do all we can to ably and assertively defend you. Perhaps issues beyond your control — the weather, hospitalization, work responsibilities, illness — caused you to miss a visitation appointment, or miss a spousal support payment. The Firm For Men will be at your side, making clear to Virginia’s judicial system that you should not be held in contempt.

Post-divorce, you still need the services and support of the attorneys at The Firm For Men. Please contact us online, or call us today at (757) 383-9184 to be connected to an experienced, capable attorney in our Newport News or Virginia Beach office.