It was a brave and audacious act for Tidewater Mortgage Services Inc. (TMSI) to organize and hold the first Kyle Milliken Memorial Golf Tournament. Yet it pales against Milliken’s selflessness and bravery in combat while serving as a military adviser. Navy SEAL Kyle Milliken, 38, was shot and killed in Somalia in May of 2017. By fall of 2017 friends and family at TMSI had put aside their grief and organized the hugely successful first annual golf tournament. Now, building on that worthwhile achievement, TMSI held the second annual tournament on Friday, June 1, 2018, at Aeropines Golf Club at the Oceana Naval Air Base.

In Kyle Milliken’s Memory

Senior Chief Petty Officer Kyle Milliken, a 15-year veteran, was on a raid in Somalia, serving as an adviser to Somali forces in fighting against the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabaab. Milliken was shot and killed as his unit, alongside local troops, approached a compound west of Mogadishu.

Rear Admiral Timothy Szymanski, in charge of the Navy SEALs, said of the fallen warrior, “Senior Chief Kyle Milliken embodied the warrior spirit and toughness infused in our very best Navy SEALs. His sacrifice is a stark reminder that Naval Special Operators are forward doing their job, confronting terrorism overseas to prevent evil from reaching our shores.”

Kyle was not a native Virginian. Born and raised in Falmouth, Maine, this transplanted northerner had settled into a life of service through his posting with the Navy Seals, working out of his Virginia-based unit. Milliken joined the U.S. Navy in 2002 and worked in a special warfare unit as a SEAL, one of the toughest, most challenging positions available in the military.

Virginia Rep. Scott Taylor was himself a Navy SEAL sniper. He knew and served alongside Milliken, and said of him, “Everyone loved Kyle, everyone loved him,” according to reporting from CNN. Rep. Scott Taylor has been a regular participant of many local military events, including the first annual tournament, and is expected to be in attendance at this year’s tournament.

Proud Sponsors

Our law firm is proud to have sponsored the tournament cookout, helping to support this very worthy cause. Our own foursome competed —attorneys Jason Swango, Ben Hamlet, Ryan Thum, and Chad Simpson — and of course, they all promised to withhold legal disputes over putts, gimmes, and mulligans throughout the tournament.

The Firm For Men has been a part of the Virginia Beach and surrounding community for years. We have always been happy to show our support for the many military families and service members located at the many bases, stations and installations in the area.

The Firm For Men attorneys toast to Kyle Milliken

The Firm For Men Attorneys Participate in the Arnold Palmer Toast to Kyle

An Always Worthy Cause

All proceeds from the tournament will go to the family of Kyle Milliken. In addition and at the request of Kyle’s family, a donation will be made to the Navy Seal Foundation in Kyle’s name.

Many times in speaking of the sacrifices of our brave men and women in uniform, we remember the fallen hero and overlook, or soon forget, the sacrifices of the surviving family members. Nothing will fill the void created by their loss, but our generous neighbors can help to soften the blow by providing a bit more financial security to the family. Kyle fought and died for a worthy cause; he left behind a family no less worthy of our support.

For the Everyday Heroes

Our nation’s military members rightly deserve our support, not only at times of great sadness and loss, but every day. Many times, in those hectic and long times between parades and flag waving, we forget the practical ways we can express our gratitude and support.

At The Firm For Men we strive every day to show our support for military men by providing helpful, accurate legal advice for every aspect of family law. Military men especially face obstacles most men never know—as a veteran-owned firm, we know this too well. Whether struggling with divorce proceedings through Skype and emails or being asked to sacrifice even more through spousal support, Virginia’s military men deal with tremendous pressures. Our law firm is dedicated to giving back to those who give so much. It is with great pride that we offer our financial and emotional support to the Second Annual Kyle Milliken Memorial Golf Tournament.

Our firm is always available at 757-383-9184, or through contact online, to provide full legal services for Virginia’s men in all aspects of family law.