Harvard economist Edward Glaeser rightly points out that cities are the lifeblood of a country and its greatest invention. If a city like Virginia Beach is vital to the success of Virginia, then imagine how much more important is the heart of Virginia Beach. We are pleased and honored to announce that The Firm For Men will be moving to the heart of Virginia Beach, to Town Center, at the end of October.

The New Digs

The firm is moving to the Columbus 6 building, at 4505 Columbus Street, Suite 200. This move has been long in planning and has required nearly two years of negotiations (yes, really!), but we are delighted with the results.

Our new World Headquarters features beautiful, Class A office space, a custom-designed layout built around better service to our clients, and twice the floor space of our current office. Growing from just under 2,750 square feet to some 5,500 square feet, we will be better positioned to offer complete privacy to every Virginia man needing quiet consultation and top-shelf legal help.

We worked very hard to create a family-like atmosphere of comfort in our new offices. Included are such touches as themed meeting rooms (stop by to check out the Winner’s Circle, The “Court” Room, and The War Room!) and more space for legal research and strategy. To help our clients (and our hardworking team) relax a bit, we even have a man cave and putting green. Sometimes the best ideas come during moments of forced relaxation!

Plush Surroundings

We truly love Virginia Beach. The boardwalk, the great local hangouts, the amazing people — but we love more helping the good men of Virginia when they need legal assistance. To better serve our clients, we will be nestled in the heart of 36 acres of downtown Virginia Beach, surrounded by 17 city blocks of vibrant, electric, eclectic shops, businesses and hotels.

Clients can find rest, repasts and relaxation nearby. Clients will enjoy ample parking (the only on-site parking in Town Center!), the nicer and more luxurious office interior design, and access to nearby restaurants to fortify before meeting about a case.

Cozy Staff

Because of our tight space, we as a team have grown closer in our never-ending efforts to deliver the best legal advice and service to our clients. Sometimes that meant being practically on top of each other and on top of piles of law books and legal filings, but it was worth it. We always delivered superior legal help to the Virginia men who sought us out.

The staff closeness will not end, but we will certainly be grateful for a bit of breathing room. The new office space allows research to be separate from client meeting rooms, for a team break room to be a distinctly different space from the law library.

We would love to have you, our past and prospective clients, come on down for a look around! Let us show you the new offices, the new meeting rooms, the research and reception areas. Please make a point of welcoming us to the new neighborhood by visiting us for our open house—soon to be announced—at 4505 Columbus Street, Suite 200. Until then, please reach out to us online or by telephone at 757-383-9184.