Politics Tick List: Virginia Politicians Advocating for “Men’s Rights”

  • Virginia politicians who support men's rights

Politics Tick List: Virginia Politicians Advocating for “Men’s Rights”

When it comes to protecting men in Virginia, advocates for men’s and fathers’ rights need all the allies they can get. Certainly, part of the protections that exist (or don’t exist!) rely on the men and women we’ve elected to pass meaningful legislation within our government … and that’s exactly why we’re bringing you a list of Virginia politicians advocating for men’s and fathers’ rights. The lawmakers below come from both sides and were selected because they have passed, or attempted to pass, legislation which benefits men to a large degree—and in many cases benefits women as well.

Ken Cuccinelli II

Though now slugged in the news biz as “former attorney general and CNN legal commentator,” Cuccinelli has a long history of advocating for fathers’ rights in Virginia. As a state senator he introduced divorce law legislation that had the support of national fathers’ rights groups, and continues to advocate for family rights, balancing both children’s and fathers’ rights.

If Cuccinelli returns to Virginia politics in the future, he will probably continue a pattern of finding practical solutions to the sometimes-conflicting interests of divorced Virginia fathers, their estranged children, and ex-wives.

Charles Carrico, Sr.

Though his bill died in the legislature, District 40 Republican Senator Carrico, Sr. sponsored a bill to protect combat-related military disability benefits from being considered income when calculating spousal support. Though an admirable goal, the bill was voted down in committee.

Military disability benefits are often lumped into property settlement agreements and other tugs-of-war over spousal support payments. The general legal notion is that a spouse deserves a share of whatever income the other share receives because that “deserving” spouse created an atmosphere of emotional and physical nurturing that allowed the working spouse to bring in that income. That rationale is stretched to a breaking point in contorting combat-related military disability benefits. Did your ex-wife create conditions conducive to receiving a war wound? How, exactly, did she earn her share of your disability?

Scott Surovell

State Senator for the 36th District, Democrat Surovell introduced a bill to change the penalty for adultery from a criminal charge (a Class 4 misdemeanor) to a civil charge, punishable by a fine of not more than $250.

His reasons are eminently practical: legally proving adultery as grounds for an at-fault divorce is expensive, time-consuming and usually extremely difficult. This leaves many Virginia men to choose a no-fault divorce that in no way forces the unfaithful wife to take responsibility for her actions or be held accountable for them.

The bill, VA S 1124, failed to make its way out of the Committee on Courts and Justice, but Surovell, who practices family law, has a track record of working to support both children’s and men’s rights in domestic issues, including successfully passing a law allowing a “person, whose license has been revoked or suspended for failure to pay child support, to obtain a restricted license allowing the parent to travel to and from a job interview for which he or she maintains on his or her person written proof from the prospective employer of the date, time, and location of the job interview.”

Sam Rasoul

Sam Rasoul is Virginia House District 011’s Democratic representative and has a bill in committee to redirect child support payments from a payee (recipient) who no longer has physical custody of the children to the custodial parent. This works in men’s favor because, too often, Virginia’s courts default to giving the mother physical custody, whether she warrants it or not. Then, when her actions inevitably lead to Virginia’s Department of Social Services (DSS) stepping in to remove the children from her custody, the courts lag in redirecting child support payments. She may continue to receive money intended to support children she does not have. Rasoul’s bill would address this inequity, providing further protection to Virginia’s children and welcome relief to men who know they are sending off checks to ex-wives undeserving of the money.

Protect Your Rights by Calling The Firm For Men

Regardless of whether your local or state political representative is a strong advocate for men’s rights, The Firm For Men is your personal advocate. By calling us at 757-383-9184, or with an online contact, you can get an attorney ready to zealously defend your rights as a Virginia father. Please stop by our Virginia Beach office or contact us today. We do not kiss babies and we offer no campaign buttons, but we will go to work for you to advocate for your legal rights.

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