Suzanne Collins’ three books, The Hunger Games, take place in a future time, in a future country called Panem—Latin for bread, as in bread and circuses. When leaders give the public bread and circuses, their public will happily approve of all the leaders do, right or wrong. Your separation and divorce is not a blood sport, but if you do not hire the right attorney, you may feel a bit like one of the young lottery picks, forced to fight The Hunger Games.

You Just Might Be Thrown Into It

In Collins’ trilogy, Katniss Everdeen is thrown into a horrific world not of her making. This is probably how you felt when your ex-wife came to you to announce her intent to divorce you. Like Katniss, though, you have to survive, and to do that, you need help. The best course of action in navigating the treachery of The Hunger Games—er—separation and divorce—is to get a guide.

Katniss latched onto Haymitch, her mentor; you should get the services of a good lawyer. Katniss had never been through the Hunger Games, and you probably have never been through a divorce (we could be wrong). Your attorney has seen it all, just as Haymitch has. Unlike Haymitch, of course, your attorney will not be a sullen, grousing, angry alcoholic, if you turn to the right law firm.

You’ll Have to Hone Your Talents for a Smooth Transition

Peeta Mellark, cake decorator extraordinaire and unusually strong baker, must use his decorating talents to disguise himself in the arena. Katniss uses her prowess with bow and arrow. Both of them team up to use their talents to survive.

Surviving separation and divorce can be difficult. You have to draw on inner strength, like Peeta did, and cunning, like Katniss. Work with your attorney to develop a plan, then stick with the plan.

Katniss, among her many talents, tries to protect her sister. If you have children, you’ll want to protect them as well. Use your talents and your role as Super Dad to ensure a safe, comforting environment, even in the face of all the fighting and fury you may have to endure privately.

The separation before divorce can be hard on you, but it is confusing and frightening to your children if handled poorly. Your lawyer can provide advice on how to smooth the transition for your kids, much like Katniss went about training, working with her stylist, and readying herself for the battle ahead.

Strategy is Key

The four of them—Cinna, Haymitch, Peeta and Katniss—develop a strategy to keep the two young tributes alive as long as possible. They outrun, outfox and outfight the others. Similarly, you and your lawyer have to develop a strategy to get through the separation, the court proceedings, and the divorce itself.

Your lawyer has been through the process many times, so listen carefully to his or her advice. Just as with the giant computer-generated arena of The Hunger Games, you are very much working through an arena—the family law court—that does not favor the newcomer.

Looking at the many conflicts of The Hunger Games, you can find times when Katniss walks (or runs) away. She chooses her battles. Though you may be ready to bicker and fight with your wife over every aspect of your divorce, listen to your lawyer. Choose your battles. Get the property settlement agreement done. Get the visitation and custody issues resolved. Get all your strategy in line before your court date.

There’s No Winner Take All

The superficial point of the Hunger Games as played in the society that is Panem was that a single winner would emerge from the carnage, in tribute to the strength of the supposedly united country. In the first book, though, the rules change; both Katniss and Peeta arrive alive at the end. In separation and divorce, your lack of understanding the rules can be an expensive mistake. Neither side in a divorce should feel like a loser. You and your ex-wife must emerge from the proceedings ready to continue on with your lives. You both have to win.

You can increase your odds of an ideal outcome by having an experienced lawyer on your side. Your lawyer can preserve your rights and protect your assets. You can end your separation and divorce feeling better about yourself and life.

When you face separation and divorce, leave the bow and arrows at home and call The Firm for Men at 757-383-9184. We can guide you better through the wilderness of this unfamiliar territory than Katniss Everdeen could guide you through District 12. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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