On a typical weekday, you’d be hard-pressed to find Attorney Jason Swango outside of the office unless he’s headed into the courthouse. In his off-time though, Jason’s winning spirit has been put to good use: working with local children to be the best they can be. Basketball, baseball, football … name it, and he’s probably coached it.

The past couple of years, Jason has brought his coaching instincts to the Irish—a group of exceptionally determined young men—who, after an action-packed season, found themselves headed into the championship game a 9-1 team facing another 9-1 team. Their grit, coupled with Coach Jason Swango and defensive coordinator Pastor Josh Kicker’s instruction, led the Irish to the big win.

Upon accepting the team’s win, Coach Swango declared:

“We started as a team. We learned as a team. We talked about being a team. Every run was done as a team. We were unselfish with position and playing time and who started and who didn’t as a team. We won as a team. We lost one game this year as a team. We won the championship as a team.”

We don’t just win in the courtroom, you know.

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