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Any Virginia man who is injured due to another’s negligence is entitled to just compensation for the injury. Personal injury in Virginia means far more than those blaring late-night television ads. It means medical expenses, lost wages, emotional injury, and more. When you are injured from an accident in Virginia, you need to engage the services of a strong, competent team of attorneys who understand personal injury law intimately.

Personal injury in the Commonwealth of Virginia commonly means:

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Protecting Your Rights When You’ve Been Hurt

We Virginians are friendly people. We seldom think the worst in others. We expect to treat others fairly and be treated fairly ourselves. Unfortunately, with personal injury, people who may portray themselves as friends are seldom your friends.

Consider all the parties to a simple premises injury, such as being bitten by a dog while you were just bringing your neighbor some misdirected mail or taking your nightly walk. You may have to deal with:

  • The neighbor
  • Medical professionals
  • Insurance agents
  • The neighbor’s attorney
  • Local government officials

How many of those parties are on your side? Even if you and your neighbor were best friends, under these circumstances nobody on that list is your ally. They each have their own interests, and none consider you a priority.

Instead, turn to a personal injury lawyer. Your own personal injury attorney does make you a priority. A personal injury lawyer is your ally, and often your only ally. Your personal injury attorney knows the law, can seek justice, and will help get you healed and whole.

Consider the Consequences of Your Injury

A personal injury fills you with fear. Your life is not accompanied by a soundtrack, warning of impending harm. You are going about your personal business when suddenly, a car crash, dog bite, or toppling warehouse shelves ruin not only your day, but your future, as well.

You fear the injury, but you also fear the consequences of that personal injury:

  • Will you lose time off work?
  • Will you be disfigured or crippled?
  • How will you pay bills if you cannot work?
  • Who will pay for medical bills, physical therapy, or plastic surgery to hide scars?
  • Will expenses for counseling, psychological services, or psychiatry be covered?
  • Will your employer lay you off?
  • Will distance grow between you and your partner?
  • Will your children view you as less of a parent?

Fear can consume you. Fear, pain, anguish — you can hardly think clearly. You toss and turn at night, reliving the experience and worrying about the future. And yet, after a personal injury, you need to make decisions, often rapidly, about all those concerns and more.

Call The Firm For Men’s Personal Injury Attorneys

All those questions about your personal injury that keep you up at night — they can overwhelm you even as your body needs time and rest, to heal. A Virginia personal injury lawyer has a lot of questions, too. Just not the same ones.

We consider:

  • Who was responsible for your personal injury?
  • Could something have been done to prevent the injury?
  • Was more than one party responsible for conditions leading to your personal injury?
  • What prognosis for complete recovery do your medical professionals offer?
  • If the injury will require months or years of attention, how can the responsible parties be compelled to pay for that therapy, equipment, or service?

Engage the services of a highly respected Virginia personal injury lawyer. Engage The Firm For Men for your personal injury case.