shopping cart with handcuffs around handle, signifying a petty theft crime in virginia beach

Petty Theft May Not be “Petty” as Far as Long Term Consequences are Concerned

Although you may consider the charge of Petty Theft a minor offense that won’t affect your life dramatically, keep in mind that you may want to seek a local Virginia Beach Criminal Lawyer as soon as charges arise.

The crime of Petty Theft is still “Theft” and as such, it can be punished by law, and can cost you a lot of money, and can depreciate your chances of obtaining a job in the future.

Why place your future in the hands of relative uncertainty when you have numerous local Virginia Beach Criminal Lawyers just a phone call away?

What is Petty Theft? Is My Charged Offense a Petty Theft?

Perhaps you’ve been charged with shoplifting. As opposed to Grand Theft, Petty Theft involves items that are of a value below $500.

For all accused persons, and especially for individuals who possess a criminal record, representation by counsel shows the court system (including the judge and prosecutor) that a defendant is taking the case seriously.

Judges may take note of the demeanor and relative history of a defendant into account, and your local Virginia Beach Criminal Lawyer can ensure that you are prepared to appear in court. Even details such as what apparel to wear to court can be conveyed to you by your attorney.

Theft crimes can lead to various penalties including probation, time spent in confinement during processing, and perhaps worst of all, damaged reputation. Crimes implicating dishonesty may be haunting. If you’ve been merely charged with the crime of Petty Theft, it doesn’t mean you are a bad person…just that you are accused of making a bad decision.

Instead of stressing yourself out by living in a state of confusion as to what is going to happen to you, consult a local Virginia Beach Criminal Lawyer as a means to clear your mind, relax, and hopefully obtain some answers and clarity.

When is it Time to Contact my local Virginia Beach Criminal Lawyer?

As soon as you have been charged is the best time. There are variances in penalties available to the court to enforce.

Your best option – when selecting an attorney – is the attorney who will implement a worthwhile trial strategy (if trial is something you wish to endure), or on the other hand, your lawyer can potentially work with the prosecution and help you secure a deal; however, you must remember, choosing to face a judge without representation may save you money at first.

But down the road, you could regret foregoing a lawyer when the consequences of the crime you’ve been accused of surface in its embarrassing entirety.