Horses go lame. Unfortunately, too often in the eyes of their children, dads go lame, too. With Halloween comes the make-or-break moment of parenting: will the father and child costume be commendable or lame? Try these 10.75 ideas for Halloween costumes to surpass your Superdad status in the eyes of your children, no matter the age.

Is it Really Hip to Be Square?

Depending on the age of your children, their worldview will be…shall we say…somewhat limited. They will not get ironic references to movies and events before they existed. Involve them (if their age makes it practical) in the costume brainstorming. What you think is funny or cool may not even register on your child’s radar.

For sources of fun ideas, consider crowdsourced sites like Pinterest and Facebook. If a recent divorce, awful work schedule, or night school has prevented you from keeping up with trends and popular movies, ask around. Ask other parents, your children’s friends, daycare workers and anyone who has an inside track on children. And start early. Handmade costumes can take a bit of time.

Be Resourceful with Household Items!

Part of the fun of making father-child costumes is using and reusing unexpected items from around the house. By starting your planning early, you can hold onto items that otherwise would end up in recycling or the trash:

  • Cardboard tubes
  • Plastic containers
  • Egg cartons
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Styrofoam packing pieces
  • Old clothes, hats, and 3D movie glasses frames

Father & Child Costumes via Hollywood

Your children (and you) do not expect you to be the next Nephi Garcia, handcrafting costumes so sumptuous and perfect that other parents order from him. Yet you can put together charming costumes based on current movies like these:

  • Hunter StorkCaptain Sully and an Unfortunate Goose—A little gray in your hair, a uniform-looking suit and maybe a pilot’s hat for you; your little one in a goose costume (or wearing a shirt with hot-glued pillow feathers on it) carrying a foam glider and you’re in! (Not “in” like a plane in the water, we mean “in” like being a totally cool dad.)
  • Pete’s Dragon—This cartoon was going strong in the box office a full seven weeks after opening, and is a straightforward costume. Your child is Pete, and you’re the dragon, or the other way around. A couple of wings, a little two-day stubble, some spray-painted work gloves and a growly voice, and your kid will be draggin’ you house to house with pride, for Pete’s sake.
  • Mr. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children—Yes, we know it’s Miss, but you’re the Dad, right? Your child could be Jacob, or one of the Peculiar Children. You could be Mr. or Miss Peregrine or Dr. Golan (in his aliases as Barron or others).
  • Storks—This cartoon chucklefest is ideal if you want to carry a tiny child around to charm the neighbors. Your baby can be either a baby or a package (the storks now deliver packages). You can be Hunter the stork in a business suit and a bird beak; that was easy!

And of Course, The Classics

blues brothers father son costumeCostumes that never go out of style:

  • Dracula
  • Frankenstein’s Monster
  • The Blues Brothers
  • The Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • Albert Einstein
  • The Mummy

Riff on the whole Mini-Me motif by simply repeating your adult costume in smaller scale on your child.

More than Cute: Awesome Costumes for Your Little Girl

diy batgirl costume
Remember, totally hip Dad, your 21st century daughter can be more than a decorative adornment for a superhero. John Marcotte, a father and blogger at Heroic Girls, encourages Dads to let their daughters be fierce, proud and scary. Empower your princess by letting her be the supervillain and you the ensnared victim.

Looking for DIY Bat Girl? No problemo.

Safety Hints for Halloween

The experts at Safe Kids Worldwide politely remind Superdads to avoid being Superduds by keeping your kids safe:

  • Decorate both costumes and your treat bags with reflective tape, stickers or glow sticks
  • Choose light fabric colors
  • Go with face paint, not masks, to prevent blocked vision or breathing issues
  • Flashlights make the walk from car to door safer, and help drivers see your little zombies
  • If you do buy a ready-made costume (why?!?!?), buy the right size to prevent trips and falls

The American Red Cross also suggests minimizing flammable wigs, capes and costumes. Avoid unfamiliar pets, and stay off folks’ lawns. Superdads can also carry a small first aid kit so a bump or scratch does not end the evening early.

But This Halloween, No Lawyers!

At this festive time of year we at The Firm for Men ask only that any representation of lawyers be fresh and original. We have seen ’em all, so dad need not dress in a barrel with junior in a suit and carrying a briefcase. We get it—it was funny. Once. When you do need a lawyer, though, for avoiding tricks from divorce to custody issues, please call us at 757-383-9184 or contact our office to speak with a real lawyer, no fake mustache or fraudulent fedora required.