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For MEN ONLY: Separation, Divorce, Child Custody, Visitation, and more

The Firm for Men handles everything from simple matrimonial matters to complex divorce and custody issues. We aim to protect the rights of men in a variety of areas—whether it’s divorce, family law, or military law. We know that men face many challenges in the legal arena and struggle to acquire equal footing to that of their spouses. For this reason, we work alongside them, helping them to understand their rights and ensure that they get what they deserve.

Military Divorce

If you’re in the military—and particularly if you’re stationed outside of the country—you can run into additional obstacles that put you at a disadvantage. Such complications can involve the division of assets, retirements, and pension. If children are involved, custody rights will also be discussed. Depending on your situation, you may feel as if the case is out of your control. But The Firm For Men’s divorce lawyers in Virginia Beach is here to alleviate the fear. We fight for you regardless of where you are located, to make sure that you’re getting exact what you deserve. As veterans, we closely understand our clients’ circumstances and fight to beat the odds.

Virginia Beach Divorce Lawyers

Our divorce lawyers in Virginia Beach (and other locations) are fully prepared to handle both uncontested and contested divorce cases. While uncontested divorces—where both parties have come to an agreement on what they want—is the ideal option, sometimes contested divorces are necessary. Either way, you need proper legal representation to suit you best.

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