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For MEN ONLY: Separation, Divorce, Child Custody, Visitation, and more

The Firm for Men serves men exclusively in family law cases in Portsmouth and throughout Virginia. Our pledge to represent men only in family law cases speak to our belief that men deserve equal rights in divorce, child custody, support and related matters. Our trained lawyers focus on men’s representation for separation, divorce, custody, visitation, support, and other family law matters.

Child Custody & Visitation

Our men’s-only focus translates to powerful reasons for men to seek our services. Child custody and visitation matters are one important area where the Firm For Men provides a particularly important service for those who need a strong legal voice in their corner. Military men face unique complications regarding these issues and need vigilant representation for it to be fully effective. We will stand by you even when you are serving away on military orders.

If you’re a military servicemember, we will use the available, but sometimes limited, power of the SCRA to shield you from court proceedings to the extent provided by that law. Where the law does not provide for a halt of legal proceedings in your absence, we will turn to case law and other legal avenues to protect your interests. Our legal staff is conversant with the legal principles that apply to protect military members who are deployed and unable to speak for themselves. Whenever possible under legal authority, we will use the law to postpone legal proceedings until you return, or we will negotiate settlements on your behalf and pursuant to your instructions.

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