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The Firm for Men is now serving military men and other men in Newport News and throughout Virginia. The public has enthusiastically welcomed a divorce firm that serves men only, including military men. Women have enjoyed a favored position in divorce and child custody matters for many years but that preference is being challenged in the twenty-first century. The Firm for Men has stepped forward to set a strong course of equality for men in family law matters. Men’s child custody and visitation rights can no longer be shuffled to the side, nor can men be valued only as fountains of money. That is why all men who need a compelling voice on their behalf should come to the Firm for Men. They will be able to increase their bargaining power and take advantage of being on the cutting edge of change.

Child Custody & Visitation

Men have the same abilities to care for their children as women do. The old legal doctrines that favor women for child custody over men are giving way to modern notions of equality for men and women. Despite that progress, men who reside in Newport News and throughout Virginia often face difficulties in seeking equal custody and visitation rights. In fact, when military men are stationed abroad, including in a war zone, they often lose certain parental rights, and may not get them all back when they return. We support effective legislation to protect military parents serving in foreign lands. We pledge to our military clients that we will do everything possible to protect your rights when not only you are here but also when you are stationed thousands of miles from home.

The Firm for Men Fights for Men’s Rights in Family Law Cases

We are committed to pursuing equality for men in divorce cases. In addition to facing issues about custody, visitation, support and alimony, men sometimes lose property rights due to the tilt in favor of women. A big part of that may be due to the reluctance of most lawyers to negotiate as aggressively for their men clients as they do for their female clients. The Firm for Men corrects that bias by representing no female clients in family law matters! In addition, whenever the parties cannot agree on equitable property division and it goes to the judge for decision of what is fair and equitable, it is important that a man has dedicated legal representation fighting for his fair share of the marital property.

For years, women have freely focused on their rights as a group by creating, retaining, and supporting family law firms representing women only. It is time for men to have access to the same kind of powerful resource – we are The Firm For Men and we stand ready to give all men in Newport News access to a edge in all family law disputes, including divorce, child custody, support and visitation.

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