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Although we cover many areas of legal representation, people tend to seek us out for one of the best divorce lawyers in Hampton, VA. Because we focus on representing men, military members, and veterans, we’re able to make a special connection with those who are continuously the underdogs in divorce proceedings. Our primary goal is to seek justice for men who would otherwise be overshadowed by their spouses. We understand the challenges men face within the legal system, and we aim to protect your rights at every stage of the case and get you the results you deserve.

Dealing With Child Custody

Not only do you need divorce lawyers in Hampton who can handle the basics of a divorce proceeding, but who can help you further when children are involved. As with anything, when a child is a part of the divorce proceeding, it can become much more complicated. If you and your spouse do not agree on custody, child support, or visitation rights, you may need to undergo a contested divorce. A contested divorce is when both parties cannot reach a common ground. The Firm For Men’s experienced divorce lawyers are happy to assist.

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