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For MEN ONLY: Separation, Divorce, Child Custody, Visitation, and more

Finding the right family and divorce lawyers can be a daunting task. Divorce is not an issue to take lightly, as the outcome of a divorce case can determine your long-term personal and professional life. The impact of a poorly fought divorce can be felt for years to come. And that’s one of the reasons we fight so hard for the men of Hampton Roads.

While there are many family law attorneys in Chesapeake, there aren’t many that focus solely on men, military members, and veterans. We understand that potential clients in those categories face harsher judgment and prejudices than others. Armed with that knowledge, our goal is to leverage the field of justice.

Contested & Uncontested Divorce

Whether you are going through an uncontested or contested divorce, The Firm for Men’s divorce lawyers in Chesapeake, VA are here to help. We’ll try our best to push for an uncontested divorce, saving you time and money, but in a contested divorce scenario, you’ll certainly need the best representation available. Issues that typically lead to a contested divorce can be child support or custody issues, whether or not your spouse wants to get a divorce at all, or the distribution of property and other assets.

If you’re military, these issues can magnify if you’re active and stationed out of the country. The good news? We’re well-versed in dealing with such cases, and our trained divorce lawyers can handle even the most extreme scenarios.

To better understand how The Firm for Men can help your unique case, contact us today at 757-383-9184 or request a consultation online.

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