You two began married life in complete agreement. Then you discovered she liked the Red Sox, and you were a Braves fan. No big deal, but then more and more disagreements emerged. Major issues; enormous emotional pain. After all the boundless suffering and bonds sundered, you finally agree on only one more thing: you need to divorce. How can you do it, if all you agree on is how disagreeable you both are? Even after a marriage shatters, you and your wife can still find agreement, through an agreed divorce.

Once You Are Agreed

Also more popularly known as an uncontested divorce, an agreed divorce in Virginia means you and your wife agree on every aspect of your marriage’s end:

  • The marriage is well and truly over
  • You need to go your separate ways
  • You agree on property settlement
  • You agree on child custody, child visitation, and spousal support

Not for you the bitter melodrama of a courtroom clash! You two are kind, collected, and civilized. You have agreed that one of the most important relationships of your life is so badly damaged that you cannot repair it. You have agreed you both are ready to move on. You have agreed you will neatly, carefully, tidily arrange this one last little detail, this agreed divorce.

For some couples this is the last vestige of mutually supportive agreement you will find. You may both be hopeless, sad, and too tired to argue anymore. You may wonder if you even have the energy to follow through perfectly on the agreed divorce, attending to every little detail that inevitably arises. At least you both know the time of acrimony and accusation is past.

Or is it?

Is Agreed Divorce a Disagreeable Idea?

An agreed divorce can seem to be smooth sailing, until you start to recall specific flaws of the marriage as they come up in aspects of your agreement. Perhaps disagreements and arguments went beyond her taste in baseball. Perhaps it was her taste for alcohol, or drugs, or other men.

You may have been no angel, either; perhaps you spent the marriage’s money on gambling or unaffordable vacations. Perhaps work’s long hours clashed with a cold bed.

If you two have simply fizzled out like some dying star, then an agreed divorce could, possibly, provide a mutually satisfactory solution.

But …

If you are trying to advance an uncontested divorce when just about the only thing you two can agree upon is how loathsome the other one is, you may want to consider taking your feelings and business to family law attorneys instead. In the midst of your animosity for each other, an agreed divorce may be a disagreeable idea.

Listen, You’re Really Just Two Amateurs

You and your wife may feel smugly satisfied that, having worked at your uncontested divorce, you do not need the help of a professional attorney. You can handle it, you say. You downloaded some boilerplate legal papers. You called a court clerk. You can navigate the courts and papers and deadlines, you say.

Can you?

Are you sure to do it right? Do you even know if the paperwork you are using is the right form?

A family law attorney can help even with an uncontested, or agreed, divorce. You in your dissipation, exasperation and frustration may have overlooked important aspects of a Virginia divorce. You may be signing away rights, forfeiting funds, or unknowingly complicating your future.

Turning the uncontested divorce over to a person whose vocation allows for clear thinking and perfect foresight could save you the last ounce of energy you need to get out from under a troubled marriage and begin life anew.

The Firm For Men Exclusively Represents You

A common bond links all Virginia’s men. We can help each other, whether through the difficulties of divorce or the freedom that comes from being newly single again. While you can, technically, pursue an agreed divorce without the help of an experienced Virginia family law attorney, it is not advisable.

At stake is your one chance to end the divorce amicably, with little drama or expense between you and your wife. If, as you galumph along in your ignorance, you two run into an unforeseen obstacle, the whole “agreed” part could dissolve.

Then you two will be at each other once more with anger, pent-up emotions, and cutting words. Wiser and better men have come before you in Virginia; they knew to leave any kind of divorce — the agreed divorce, uncontested divorce, contested divorce — to professionals.

With a call to 757-383-9184, you will reach The Firm For Men. You can also contact our offices online, but either way, you can get the help you need with an uncontested (agreed) divorce, contested divorce, or separation. We serve only Virginia’s men, and we work hard to defend your rights. Even if you and your wife are in complete agreement on the divorce, you still need to protect yourself. Contact our Virginia Beach family law office today.