The decision to file for divorce certainly wasn’t an easy one.  With so many considerations such as child custody, legal fees, court fees, documentation, etc., it stands to reason that you would take time to vet any potential attorney who may represent you in a court of law.  While this may seem like a simple choice, there are several things you should consider before making a decision to hire a men’s divorce lawyer.

1. Is Divorce Your Primary Practice Area?

Many attorneys practice multiple areas of law, and to be perfectly fair, it makes sense that an attorney would open up their law repertoire in order to be more accessible to a larger pool of potential clients.  This sort of thinking may very well work in Smalltown, U.S.A., but it may not work from individual to individual.  In dealing with divorce litigation, it’s extremely important to choose an attorney who is confident and competent in divorce law, so even if they have other areas of practice, they should have a history of successful family law outcomes and plenty of experience under their belt.  After all, there’s a lot at stake between the two parties including child custody, homes, and property . . . you can’t gamble with just any counsel.

2. Do You Represent Men Only or Women Also?

When faced with a divorce, you may decide to select a firm that focuses on men’s rights. In this case, you need to know if your attorney has represented women in family law matters in the past. In most situations, you’ll find that a lawyer who represents men only will look out for your best interests throughout the litigation, and be more likely to see things from your perspective.  By having a male-focused divorce attorney, you’re more certain to have someone who understands the situation from your side instead of having emotional or empathetic connections to your estranged wife. This may seem paltry on the surface, but you can rest assured that having a men-only attorney will be your greatest ally in the fight for your rights in the courtroom.

3. What is the Your Strategy for My Divorce Case?

This somewhat abrupt question can reveal a lot about your attorney’s competence in divorce litigation.  Do some research on your own to have a broad overview of what a typical divorce strategy would look like with regards to child custody, material possessions, and money especially.  Know what you want before you go in for a consultation, and judge how your attorney approaches these subjects during your meeting.  A men’s divorce lawyer will have a very well-rounded knowledge of your situation and will be able to answer questions and address your needs before you even ask.

4. Does Your Firm Represent Men Only?

Haven’t we already answered this?  We’ve touched on it, but it’s time to dig deeper.  Many law firms will advertise that they represent only men, and you have to keep in mind that lawyers are often trying to keep the door open to their practice.  Especially in family law firms, the occasional woman may walk in the door and get adequate representation from a firm that claims to serve men only.  This juxtaposition in philosophy can be a major detriment and a very telling tale to the firm and your lawyer at large.  Make sure the firm you choose represents men and keeps men’s rights as their primary—and only—focus.

5. How Will We Communicate About the Case?

Communication between any attorney or his paralegal and the client (you) is a crucial and critical piece of the puzzle when dealing with divorces or any legal matters.  Whether you’re a laid back client and don’t mind getting emails about your case or if you demand a phone call every time there is a development, these things need to be outlined on the surface between you and anyone who will represent you in your divorce proceedings.  Don’t simply assume that communication will take place in one form or fashion.

6. Who Will Handle My Case?

Consultations may take place with partners in a firm (the guys with their names on the letterhead), but be aware that in some cases, those partners pawn off new clients on their less-experienced staff of attorneys. Divorce litigation is very personal and extremely intimate in some situations, so make sure the man you’re talking to is the same one who will stand beside you in the courtroom. Know who’s doing the work, and know who your point of contact will be throughout your relationship with the law firm. Establish this up front and you’ll experience far less confusion later.

Make the Call for a Men’s Divorce Attorney

Hiring an attorney should be the least of your troubles as you go through your divorce, but far to often it becomes a bit of a burden.  Don’t worry, though.  By asking the right questions, you can narrow down your choices of legal representation without feeling like you’ve been shopping with your ex-wife.  Get the legal counsel you deserve from experienced divorce attorneys who represent only men.  Call The Firm for Men today for a consultation.  Ask the questions, get the answers, and get what you deserve.

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