Whether you are a divorced father, married Papa, or a single Dad, you know frustration. You know bewilderment, desperation, perhaps even a tinge of anger now and then. It comes with the job. How you express it is your choice. Many people turn to their local gym to sweat out their feelings. Some crawl into beds or bottles, but many use social media to vent.

In America we can wallow and whine on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, but many tech-savvy Dads like Twitter. A lot. We have gathered together some of the best Tweets about fatherhood and the lives of single Dads.

Famous Dads’ Tweets

Twitter has its share of publicity hounds. Many comedians and celebrities use Twitter to keep their fans updated, even when faced with common Dad issues. Jim Gaffigan is a comedian who shot to stardom based on the questionable virtues of Hot Pockets, but his own kids provide plenty of fodder for his act:

That’s cold, we know, but others are just as real:

Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Deadpool 2, and some truly awful movies, too) keeps it real, too:

And who knew Conan O’Brien was such a devout Dad?

Not-So Famous Dads’ Tweets

James Breakwell is a comedy writer, and he remembers that brevity is the soul of wit, so Twitter is a great platform for him to bust on his four daughters (yup; four girls), under the account @XplodingUnicorn:

We gave equal time to all four of Breakwell’s kids, but we could not resist the five-year-old’s last little dig:

Encore! How about this one, from the three-year-old:

Other Dads share their own infinite wisdom on Twitter, too. Here’s mark@TheCatWhisprer:

Eric Shadow

Andy Warhol wanted everyone to be famous for 15 minutes, so here is Eric Shadow’s Big Break. He’s all over Twitter with some pretty funny stuff, like these:

Eric Shadow is not afraid to talk frankly about marital intimacy for fathers:

And for recently divorced Dads struggling to explain things to their kids, Eric has you covered:

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