The Commonwealth of Virginia follows a fault-based system for divorce. This means that without adequate case for dissolution of the marriage, couples typically must be separated for one year before a divorce may be filed. Having a separation agreement (I.E. sometime referred to as a property and settlement agreement) may form the framework for the divorce prior to its filing.

The separation agreement will determine specifics rights and obligations of both parties during and after the divorce. The issues that we cover will go a long way to protect your individual rights and property issues in future divorce proceedings. Contact your Virginia Beach Separation Agreement lawyer for further details.
Attorney Jason Swango has built a proven reputation for dependable family law and divorce practices for men in Virginia. It appears that Mr. Swango may be the only attorney that only represents men in the area of Divorce, Separation agreements and child custody and family law issues.

At The Firm For Men we have each man fill out the coveted “beast” which gives us the necessary information regarding your marriage, children information, debt information, asset information, retirement information and other pertinent particulars to properly draft a customized separation agreement for you.
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